February 3 & 4, 2023

February 3 & 4, 2023


The Villages Polo Club is located at 700 Buena Vista Drive, The Villages, FL. At the event site, cars will be directed to enter at the North/Players entrance and golf cars will enter at the south entrance. Please follow the signs and the instructions of our friendly parking staff as they direct you to the appropriate parking places.

All parking for The Villages Balloon Festival will be on the immediate grounds of the facility. Parking will be available for automobiles, golf cars and handicap cars. Cars with handicap tags will be directed to the designated parking areas. Shuttle service will not be available at the event.

Your daily or weekend pass allows you access to the event grounds for the day(s) that you have purchased. Every adult attendee will be given a wristband upon arrival that must be worn while on the event grounds. This wristband will allow you to return to the event grounds on the same day. Feel free to come and go to the event throughout the day. Be mindful that, although there is ample parking available at The Villages Polo Club, once these lots are full, they will be closed to further parking.

Due to safety concerns, we do not permit walk-ins. Be aware that the Balloon Festival is an outdoor event with many portions taking place on the ground. These surfaces can be uneven and could make it difficult for individuals to get around. The main covered pavilion provides easy access for wheel chairs from Fly Me to the Food Alley, as well as great views of both fields.

We encourage you to bring your own lawn chairs as seating is limited. All balloon events are dependent on the weather. Security measures will be in effect including bag checks. No animals (with exception of service animals), contraband, or outside food and drinks, including alcohol, will be permitted.